We used a Wayra North’s first phase tech business to highlight the poor quality training and job opportunities in Oldham

Sure most of you are aware of the Jim McMahon & Oldham Chronicle mutual appreciation society but now another disconnected narcissist, Prince Andrew, has joined resident narcissist McMahon, we genuinely view him as such, and the Chron to make a rhetoric over reality love triangle. The Duke of York is in town to talk about the new digital hub which will be run by Wayra North and cost Oldham tax payers at least £200,000, the Duke spelt out the economic past and future for Oldham giving a generic speech that neither deals with Oldham issues nor shows any knowledge of the current local economic and social climate.
We at Chronic-Oldham wish any genuine business success and by genuine we do not include peddlers of nonsense such as homeopathy or reiki or those not paying taxes and dubious businesses employing illegal workers like a local Labour councillor who was struck off for doing so recently. We have four initial businesses which will receive Wayra support two from Oldham listed in the Oldham Chronicle and one with a contact address in that local northern city LONDON not mentioned in the chronicle and one in Huddersfield also not mentioned. We are making no comments about any of the actual businesses but we took one of the Oldham tech businesses, training search facility jobskilla, on a test run to see what training and courses are available in Oldham, we added no other criterea just the Oldham area. Here are the results you get back: Get Oldham Working, Mahdlo, Remploy, ADS addiction dependency, jobskilla, AKSA Homes, Pakistani Community Centre (women only), Prince’s Trust, recycling old clothes, citzens advice, job club, Chadderton library workclub, multiple ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) courses, introduction to warehousing and logistics. The future is bright for Oldham while self-serving politicians, council business partners and royalty pat each other on the back for bringing Oldham into the technological 21st century. As a result ordinary Oldham Joe gets to access English language courses aimed at foreign nationals and introverted communities or apply to join a multitude of minimum wage training resources.