We would join Oldham Council’s ‘one piece of rubbish’ campaign if they paid us £49,000 in nine months

Here’s Oldham Council thanking Nicola Huckerby on twitter for picking up a piece of litter as part of its #1PieceOfRubbish campaign. They forgot to mention Nicola Huckerby runs the Devon based marketing company paid £49,000 this year by Oldham Council to sell its coop ideology. Everybody connected with the deprivation money making machine is in Oldham again for the latest round of coop thriving communities talks. Just like the previous two events everything occurs when the majority of Oldham taxpayers are at work. Oldham’s priorities and future is being decided by those not from Oldham and those making sizable salaries from derivation management businesses. This is a future based on socialist compliance not on economics, financial contribution or sustainability, it is a continuation of the votes for spending agenda that excuses Labour Oldham of any accountability.