Oldham Council admits there is three times more demand for social housing in Oldham than in neighbouring Bury, Rochdale and Tameside.

According to Oldham Council the demand for social housing in Oldham is now three times higher than the demand in Bury, Rochdale and Tameside. As to be expected no reason has been given as to why demand is so high in Oldham when neighbouring Rochdale, which was until recently a demographic twin of Oldham, has not seen such a huge increase in demand. The relentless importation of foreign poverty now being driven by four consecutive years of the highest migration rates ever recorded enabled primarily by European Union freedom of movement rights is the main cause of housing pressure in Oldham this is not a matter of opinion it is a matter of fact. Oldham has received 5,100 adult EU migrants in the last four years with over fifty percent identifying as Roma, Oldham has accommodated 58% more adult EU migrants and three times more Roma migrants than neighbour Rochdale. Oldham Council now wants to trial an agreement with the private rented sector to use the private sector to reduce numbers waiting for social housing. We see nothing but problems in having this blinkered and dishonest council involved in private rental tenant decisions when housing pressure is driven by an issue they absolutely refuse to acknowledge let alone discuss. You can download Oldham Council’s plans here

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