44,000 Oldham library books have been misappropriated in 25 years so the Labour Council have decided to remove fines after discovering offenders are concentrated in the most deprived wards

Labour Oldham have cancelled library fines the decision “was made to encourage more people to use the 12 libraries across the borough and increase literacy levels among young people.” The Council’s press release just casually throws the information out and makes no mention of what is really driving the decision. As we all know Labour Oldham do love the word deprived it is the excuse for everything and the gift that never stops giving. What council documents reveal is that they are lifting the fines because most offenders are in the “most deprived wards” 44,000 books are missing from Oldham library services with 25% of offenders living in the OL4 & OL1 postcodes around Oldham town centre. Actions have no consequences in Oldham its the socialist way misappropriate public property and the council will apologise for issuing fines, you can live an entire life on benefits and Oldham’s socialists will blame society and steer public spending into your immediate environment.

Taken from Oldham Council’s official document

You can download the official document on the Oldham Council website Here