Oldham’s number one NIMBY Labour Council leader Sean Fielding

Labour Oldham leader Sean Fielding telling everyone on Twitter (he hasn’t blocked) what a wonderful councillor he is when what it really shows is his nimby attitude to his own ward something he and his mentor Jim McMahon have both been guilty of as council leaders. Despite lower memorial park just being a stones throw away Sean states “Successfully opposed the building of new homes on the site of former Madison Gardens on Dean Street – the only bit of green space in that part of Failsworth” Mmmm what about Foxdenton, Chadderton, Royton, Sholver, Moorside, Bardsley etcetera?
“Prevented the change of use of the former social security building on Oldham Road into a place of worship” Yet Oldham council reneged on their agreement to sell land to housing provider First Choice Homes on Copster Hill Road and instead sold it to a group who will build a huge Hindu temple.