A delusional Labour Oldham using alchemy to take failure to a whole new level

Rarely has Chronic-Oldham read such a delusional analysis of Oldham and how Labour Oldham are going to change things than the imaginary outcome they have conjured up for the Northern Roots project at Alexandra Park (which already receives more funding than every other park in Oldham) and Snipe Clough. One of the suggestions was “Table one proposed the “Biggest Adventure Park in the Country” All of which is to take place in Oldham’s least sustainable area which has the boroughs highest immigration rates, fertility rates and benefit claim rates as the council luvvies and their partners who have no connection or experience in Oldham meet in secret for their arrogantly titled “Oldham alchemy” event. It is ironic they use an archaic term alchemy which is most often associated with the fake science of turning base metals and elements into gold when Labour Oldham have become adept at turning money into failure. Let’s remember Labour Oldham’s last two failed social enterprises “Our House” rent to buy store bankrupt in under 5 months and “Love Where You Live” which cost £27,260 to clean three alleyways. Just imagine what an epic fail they can achieve with this potential multi-million pipe-dream which can join other failures “Hotel Future” the new “Coliseum” “Prince’s Gate” “Our House” and the £31 million over budget half unoccupied “Town Hall Cinema” development. Do make sure you download the PDF case study at the bottom of the page to get a full idea of this nonsense in all its exaggerated glory. Shame that instead of exaggerating the outcomes of current schemes they didn’t mention all the vandalism and theft at Oldham’s small scale veg growing endeavours or the failure of Oldham Community energy to raise 93.3% of the money required from its share scheme. Wonder how the people of the Foxdenton area with the lowest number of benefit claims in the borough feel about Labour Oldham’s green hypocrisy when their small park has had essential funding pulled for eight consecutive years and a million square feet of undeveloped land and green fields is to be completely destroyed with highly polluting logistics warehouses and 500 new homes??

Undeveloped land at Foxdenton currently being destroyed by Labour Oldham and partners

Download the case study PDF by clicking here

You can watch their video on YouTube by clicking HERE they have disabled both embedding of the video and comments and have made the video unlisted anyone would think they have something to hide.