Labour Oldham MP Debbie Abrahams continues to post fake statistics and stories on social media to bolster her wish for a second referendum

Despite writing an article about the scourge of fake news Labour Oldham MP Debbie Abraham’s has a history of spreading fake news including blaming the benefit cap for a man beating his pregnant wife. The latest piece of fictional nonsense is that “78% of UK tech sector employees are preparing to leave the UK as they see the slowing down of the economy.” Chronic-Oldham and others have been waiting nearly 24 hours for her to present evidence which she said she would for this claim still nothing but if you read the Twitter thread apparently a bloke at a tech firm told her so it’s clearly factual. Here’s a public figure who like most Labour politicians in Oldham constantly share their outrage of the Brexit bus £350 million for the NHS tactic yet she constantly shares unsubstantiated figures and manipulated stories on her social media accounts just to justify her anti-Brexit viewpoint none of which ever relates to the impact of the EU on Oldham.