In the year to June 2023 police recorded 12,936 violent crimes against people in Oldham and 5,328 crimes of stalking and harassment.

The latest crime figures for the rolling year from June 2022 to June 2023 shows drug offences in Oldham up 53% with 710 recorded crimes. Non-residential burglary was up by 42% with 429 recorded crimes. Bicycle theft up by 27% with 109 recorded crimes. Stalking and harassment was up by 23% with a huge 5,328 recorded crimes. Sexual offences increased by 16% with 1,040 crimes recorded. Possession of weapons was up by 12% with 366 recorded crimes. Violence against the person increased by 8% with a huge 12,936 recorded crimes. The crime which had the biggest percentage drops are residential burglary which fell by 24% but that still means Oldham had 1,059 residential burglaries and burglaries fell by 12% but again that still means the borough had 1,488 burglaries. Greater Manchester’s recent reputation for failing to record tens of thousands of crimes every year is a documented official fact so I would still be cautious about all these numbers potentially being underestimated.