Labour members should be worried that their party thinks Arooj Shah is the right person to chair the Labour Party disciplinary committee.

Amazing that the Labour Party can’t find anyone better to lead their National Constitutional Committee than a politician overseeing an unethical and culturally discriminative local government administration with a string of questions of public interest still waiting for her to answer. Wether she likes it or not the questionable fire bombing of Arooj Shah’s unlocked car, her use of a violent career criminal as a canvassing ally, her failure to investigate Oldham Council’s attempts to mislead the Greater Manchester child sexual abuse inquiry and her singular promotion of Islam using local government channels while failing to even acknowledge other recent major religious celebrations makes her completely unsuitable to stand in judgement of other people’s behaviour. Arooj Shah stayed silent on the Hamas attack in Israel only deciding to speak out when the inevitable revenge actions from the Israeli government led to innocent deaths in Gaza. Back in 2021 Arooj was happy to attend and speak at pro-Palestinian rallies in Oldham but stayed silent when pro-Palestinian activists vandalised Oldham’s Ferranti electronics factory owned by Israeli military manufacturer Elbit on a weekly basis. Like many with an agenda Arooj has stayed silent on the hundreds of armed conflicts and humanitarian disasters around the world unless they show cultural similarities to Arooj. Silent on the thousands of civilians murdered in Yemen by the Saudi Government or the persecution and murder of Christian’s and atheists in Pakistan. Arooj also holds the equalities portfolio for Greater Manchester but amazingly managed to be busy and avoid any of Greater Manchester’s multiple day multiple borough pride celebrations including Oldham’s. Arooj clearly has her sights set on a position in national politics and wants to keep her core voters loyalties.