Another 40 midwives at the Pennine Acute to cope with the expanding family tax credit generation

We are talking about the elephant in the room once again ‘children vs contribution’ as a struggling local NHS employs another forty midwives. Before this recruitment drive, which seems to have resulted in around 40 new employees, Oldham’s Pennine Acute Hospital Trust already employed more midwives than 147 of the 154 English hospital trusts. We have noted ten or more political and news programs in the last week constantly put the blame on “an ageing population” for all the pressures on the NHS. Nobody mentions the millions exempted by parental status from any tax contributions for their entire working lives. Tax and family related benefits are paid out at a rate up to fifteen times more a year than is paid in taxes by working families in poor areas and this leads to huge pressures on the services they are not contributing towards. Oldham has the sixth highest birth rate in the UK, the sixth highest rate of tax credit claims and the third busiest A&E department of which attendances by OAP’s (the only group listed as a multiple age block) make up a very small percentage.