Oldham Council still trying to sell a town centre park just a mile from Oldham’s biggest Park as a much needed resource

Only Oldham would build a park in a town centre on the border of three wards with the some of the highest levels of worklessness and benefit dependency not only in Oldham but in all Greater Manchester. This park will be sited just one mile from the new multimillion eco park and Oldham’s largest park, Alexandra, which already has more council money and grants spent on it than every other park in Oldham combined. Not long ago Oldham had 9 green flag parks Jim McMahon’s administration removed gf funding for 7 of the 9 parks just leaving Alexandra and Dunwood, no doubt the new park will also receive green flag status. It’s scandalous how this administration can consistently treat the majority of Oldham’s 20 wards as at best an afterthought not entitled to regeneration, leisure or service improvements basically used to finance a town centre and its communities that are by any economic measure completely unsustainable.