At last nights council meeting Labour Oldham had a 30 minute break for Ramadan and debated Gaza for over 30 minutes leaving no time for a motion calling for an inquiry into CSE in Oldham.

At last nights Oldham Council meeting the Labour administration immediately suspended the meeting for thirty minutes to break fast for Ramadan. The Labour administration then also spent over thirty minutes on a motion debating a ceasefire in Gaza. These Labour delaying tactics deliberately left no time to debate a motion for a Telford style inquiry into child sexual abuse in Oldham which Labour opposed. Labour Oldham have consistently tried to brush the ever looming shadow of child grooming under the carpet spending years hiding the fact that leader of the Rochdale grooming gang Shabir Ahmed worked for Oldham Council as a welfare officer. Leader of the fight against child sexual abuse ex-Detective Constable Maggie Oliver previously said of Oldham Council “As I said in the statement released at the time, Oldham Council repeatedly tried to silence the survivor Sam, known also as ‘Sophie’ and it was only through my personal advocacy, and my relationship with the review team, which led to her being interviewed by them.”

Council leader Arooj Shah who chose religion & Gaza over local abused children
Meeting immediately adjourned for Ramadan
Labour Oldham deliberately preventing a debate on child sexual abuse