Religiously motivated cultural intimidationĀ at Clarksfield school is far worse than any organised “Trojan Horse” plotĀ 

Revelations about the Clarksfield school at the centre of “Trojan Horse” accusations appears to be a case of religiously motivated cultural intimidation rather than an organised plot.I lived in Werneth for around eight years and witnessed the affect of counterculture going unchecked by both police and the local authority. It is, in our opinion, more worrisome and more dangerous to have communities engaged in intimidation and pressure tactics than having a small  organised group attempt to install an agenda, this is England not South Asia and the rule of law comes before any archaic religion be that islam, christianity, sikism, scientology or all manner of other fantasy belief systems. Labour in Oldham have historically taken a three wise monkey’s approach to tackling religiously induced cultural norms that run contrary to UK equality laws and this political approach continues into contemporary local politics today. Freedom of religion is not freedom to encourage misogyny and female subservience, freedom of religion should not mean freedom to indoctrinate children with hours of religious dogma every day of their lives. Freedom of religion does not give license to intimidate others who do not share your evidentiary devoid superstition or those who chose to believe a different fairy tale altogether, education imparts knowledge religion imparts unsubstantiated opinion. It is time that religion took responsibility for the deprivation, lies and human suffering it directly and indirectly causes rather than taking the applause for being charitable to those situations it bares great responsibility for causing. It all goes far deeper and will get far worse under this coop ethos that the majority of Labour Oldham are pushing, all things are becoming too interlinked giving people multiple points of influence. Obviously it is easy to connect the council with the Clarksfield school and with mass immigration and a policy of not leaving the asylum distribution system regardless of how many hundreds are housed in Oldham at any one time. The council also has a policy of directly and indirectly funding the foodbank which is only required because historically successive council incarnations have failed to create a robust economy based on work. This continues today as does a policy of silence on unskilled immigration rates outstripping economic viability. The vast majority of funding for the foodbanks community kitchen appeal can be directly linked to Oldham Council, their staff, coop partners and businesses making lucrative financial deals with the council such as Foxdenton LLP. In reverse the foodbank is run by the church and supported by mosques and it is the same churches and mosques which are openly supporting asylum seekers in Oldham and expansion of the immigration system. The foodbank has connections to highly influential Nasim Ashraf chair of The UK Education and Faith Foundation (UKEFF) who was previously a governor at Clarksfield primary and the event coordinator of the mosque open day event. What we have is too much meddling in education and politics from the religiously motivated and the Oldham Labour Party is too spineless to risque losing votes by challenging members of their own clique with a culturally oppressive religious agenda. Oldham Labour councillor Arooj Shah was ousted by sexist male dominated culture after she had the audacity to report  intimidation at the hands of influential members of the Labour party to the media. Oldham’s Labour leaders and prominent figures mustered nothing more than a one-line bravery acknowledgment on social media for speaking out but no action was taken to expel these immoral dinosaurs from the party. When Labour Oldham Councillor for Coldhurst, Montaz Ali Azad was found guilty of employing illegal migrant workers he only had his cabinet privileges revoked but was not expelled from the party. When Labour Oldham Councillor Abdul Malik Ahmed was found guilty of h&s violations after an employee with learning difficulties fell 20ft from improperly erected scaffolding he was not expelled from the Labour party. The Oldham Labour party know that if they took action against influential male South Asian figures or local politicians then those politicians would go independent and those influential community figures would choose alternative candidates and in both cases Labour would lose those council seats.