Councillor Shaid Mushtaqk’s Alexandra ward has 76% more under fives than the England average

Labour Oldham’s view on early years provision and the escalating costs of childcare. Councillor Shaid Mushtaq is of course preaching to the converted as his Alexandra ward has one of the highest fertility rates in GM and 76% more children under 5 and 68% more children aged 5 to 9 than the England average. Shaid’s Alexandra ward also has over half of its adult population who are economically inactive this as Councillor Mushtag knows is a cultural choice not in the case of Alexandra the result of a financially unviable nursery system. We live in the most densely populated large country in Europe too many people in England and in Oldham make no financial contribution to the nations and boroughs finances throughout their entire lives. Labour’s plan once again will be to increase subsidies for nurseries who will never cope with the ever growing need for child places with the current rates of ludicrous population expansion. Under Labour it will of course be the same ever diminishing pool of those who actually contribute more than they receive who will pay for the early years subsidies, pay for planned increases in benefits, pay for increased social housing subsidies for properties they will never be entitled to live in, pay for expansion of community services and grants in select areas and pay for those who hide behind a cultural tag to justify choosing to never work but screaming at the top of their voices about their status on the index of deprivation. Labour Oldham taking the same general election promise out of mothballs they use every time “vote for Labour and pay for nothing”