Food business which Oldham Council scored 5 stars for hygiene closed for blocking sewer and contaminating public footpath

Chadderton food business which Oldham Council scored 5 stars for hygiene had no plumbing and contaminated a public footpath with food waste for months. I passed the Chai Guyz food business located in Chadderton on the car park of the Nandini restaurant several times over a six month period while out exercising. On each occasion the business had contaminated a large section of public footpath with up to two inches of food waste after installing a makeshift waste disposal pipe over a sewer grid which had become blocked with food waste and congealed fat. After I reported the business to the environmental health department the business has now been closed down and the illegal pipe over the grid removed. Isn’t it amazing that no council employee or councillor for the ward which includes leader Arooj Shah passed and reported the contamination of a public footpath on a major road over a period of at least six months or for that matter any member of the public living nearby.

Chai Guyz food trailer

Makeshift waste pipe blocking drain with food waste