Labour Oldham hoist the Pakistan flag as the Pakistani backed Taliban take over Afghanistan

Really can’t continue to stay quiet on the hypocrisy of Labour Oldham celebrating Pakistan Independence Day on Saturday as the Pakistani flag was hoisted over the civic centre while simultaneously condemning the U.K. for leaving Afghanistan. All our blinkered politicos clearly choose to ignore that Pakistan is not only the birth place of the Taliban but also the country which has supported armed & hidden the Taliban for decades even as the enfolding crisis of human rights abuse begins the Pakistan government has voiced it’s support for the Taliban. Yes we know of America’s covert support for the Taliban during soviet occupation of Afghanistan just as we know about U.S.  companies funding dangerous gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Let’s also not forget that it was Labour who wrongly put troops into Afghanistan and the U.K. government had its hands tied on withdrawal after Trump announced pulling U.S. troops out and Biden continued with the same policy. We should give shelter to those whose lives are under threat because of their connection with British occupation but they should be distributed across the entire U.K. and we should condemn our politcal leaders who won’t call out human rights violating nations such as Pakistan that continue to oppress women, minorities and the media and blatantly support terrorist led sharia enforcement in the region.