Get Oldham Working has helped facilitate the creation of 1,184 jobs leaving a shortfall of just 18,347 jobs since 2004

It must be election time as Oldham Council has announced it is investing £100,000 to revitalise Failsworth retail. As a direct comparison in 2013 the Oldham Council leader/councillor for Failsworth East Jim McMahon said the governments £100,000 High St Innovation fund awarded to Oldham Council was “a drop in the ocean”.
Oldham Council pre-election self praise continues as they announce: “Get Oldham Working has helped facilitate the creation of 1,184 jobs” The maths, of course, give a different story, using the latest ONS mid-2013 population statistics for reference shows that in 2013 Oldham had 10,709 fewer workplace jobs than in 2004 & 8822 more residents (the majority of whom would be working age), the Oldham population from mid 2012 to mid 2013 grew by 1437, 48% of which was from international migration. 10,709 fewer workplace jobs plus 8822 more residents minus 1,184 new jobs created leaves a shortfall of 18,347 jobs. 1,184 jobs created in two years does not even cover or cancel out the two year increase in international migrants.