Immigration is the largest contributor to population growth in Oldham

Tucked away in the back of the recently published Oldham Council housing needs document they finally admit that immigration is now the main cause of population growth in Oldham. This is just part of the picture as it doesn’t include migrant children nor the 800 asylum seekers resident here at any one time. Until this year we used the annual school census to show the number of foreign born children in Oldham schools which grew between 777% and 1000% in four years with over half being of Roma gypsy heritage. After pressure from the left-wing pressure groups over the publication it was decided that when the 2019 school census came out, which was this week, they would no longer publish the details of pupils country of birth thus yet another piece of our so called transparent democracy and the right to information has been taken away.

Taken from Oldham Councils housing needs publication

Oldham doesn’t get the highly qualified migrants that are so often touted as the norm by self-serving businesses and politicians in this country. Oldham gets the misogynistic, homophobic and sexist high fertility unskilled migrants from Eastern Europe, South Asia and ex-asylum seekers from Africa originally granted asylum in mainstream Europe. Oldham has no crops to pick, no cotton to spin and no large scale industrial or manufacturing sector reliant on foreign born workers. What Oldham has is the highest tax credit payment amount, percentage of economically inactive females and percentage of children living in workless households outside of London. Labour Oldham also just kicked 80% of applicants off the social housing register which was three times bigger than neighbouring authority areas the councils new housing register has priorities that clearly favour the central Oldham wards with the highest influx of migrants and the highest number of planned new homes.

UK and EU population density 2018

You can download the councils housing documents here