ONS figures show the population of the town of Oldham grew by 10.4% in 8 years and employment actually fell while in Chadderton employment grew by 38%

Interesting facts from the 2009 to 2017 ONS figures for employment and population growth released today that you will not be reading in the sanitised local press. Chadderton has seen Population growth of 4.9% and employment growth 37.9%, Failsworth has seen population reduction of -1.3% and employment growth of 7.8%, Royton has seen population reduction of -2.8% & employment growth of 8% and finally Labour’s socioeconomic failure better known as the town of Oldham has seen population growth of 10.4% & employment shrinkage of -0.1%. Let’s remember that current Labour policy in central Oldham decided the best use of land is to build more housing, sell council land for a huge religious temple when they had promised the land to a housing provider, increase the number of grant subsidised small scale vegetable growing schemes and build a multi-million glamping and eco park adjacent to Oldham’s biggest park. How is it acceptable that Chadderton is being turned into one big employment park with the loss of green land while the areas of highest benefit dependency and the biggest burden on the taxpayer are getting the least industrial and employment developments yet an endless increase in green infrastructure projects?