Labour Oldham loading the development dice in their favour with the proposed Chadderton partnership

Labour Oldham Council are once again creating the illusion of inclusion with the proposed Chadderton partnership and supposedly unbiased representation to allow public consultation and influence on building development in Chadderton. A quick look at the pre-positioned heads of the partnership shows 4 of the 6 already sit as officers for CHADDERTON BUILDING PRESERVATION TRUST LIMITED where they occupy positions alongside 2 current Labour Oldham councillors. The chair of the partnership suggested in 2008/9 as part of the councils call for sites that a number of Chadderton farms he was linked to should be developed for housing and car parks something very few Chadderton residents would support. The vice chair of the Chadderton partnership will be Dave Hibbert who was a Labour Oldham councillor for 20 years and a member of the board for the joint venture between Foxdenton LLP and Oldham Council which destroyed the last sizeable undeveloped green area in Central Chadderton which was turned into a major road, 500 houses and a planned million square feet of logistics warehouses. It’s  what’s known as loading the dice. Anyone wishing to make comments to the Council about this proposed partnership can do so up to 28th August at the following address…/l…/1644/neighbourhood_planning/4