Labour Oldham Council who spent over £2.1 million on their troubled HR and payroll system made the decision to replace it just two years later

Cash strapped Labour Oldham Council who currently have the begging bowl out spent (wasted) at least £2.1 million of public money on a new human resource & payroll software system called the A1 programme which went live in 2017. As to be expected that programme was both massively over budget, behind schedule and created havoc with people’s salary payments. OMBC is now commissioning a replacement system less than 3 years later at an undisclosed cost and without any coverage of yet another Labour Oldham spending failure in the biased local press. Chronic-Oldham first reported the councils plans to replace the failed A1 system implementation in March 2019.

New HR system plans


Failed A1 programme

You can read the new system proposals here