Moral and political coward Labour MP Jim McMahon continues to attend gatherings where women are surplus to requirements

Once again we have Labour Oldham MP Jim McMahon admiring  the Oldham town centre statue of Yorkshire born Annie Kenney the suffragette & women’s equality activist as if to communicate how Oldham is a bastion of women’s rights. Then five days later we have Jim tucked away in a room full of misogynists where the only woman in a room of at least 50 men is his assistant. This was supposed to be a gathering celebrating community members who had received titles in the new years honours list, clearly women have no stake in such matters. Time and time again this political & moral coward panders to advocates of gender exclusion attending political rallies and gatherings where women are surplus to requirements. Shame on you, are there no depths to which you will plummet to secure central Oldham votes?