Oldham Council has wasted £6.5 million on abandoned versions of Prince’s Gate and a new Coliseum theatre

I now have the official figures (surprisingly) from freedom of information requests I made in October and the cost of the failed versions of Prince’s Gate to Oldham Council is £3.3 million and the cost of two failed new Coliseum theatre revisions to Oldham Council is £3.2 million. The financial information was provided by Nigel Fraser, Team Leader, Capital Projects, Economy Directorate, People and Place, Oldham Council. When your council tax goes up in April just remember that’s another £6.5 million of public money wasted by consecutive Labour administrations flailing around to save Jim McMahon’s poorly researched vanity schemes. Anyone else think the reason they delayed releasing the figures for no legitimate reason was so it couldn’t be used to expand on Labour MP Jim McMahon’s shocking list of multimillion regeneration failures until after the general election?