More cuts as Labour Oldham pull £45k funding for the dial a ride service but can find nearly £35k for fireworks in a month and over £70k every year for a Devon based marketing firm

Labour Oldham Council are hiking council tax by nearly 4%, cutting 24 full time staff, removing the £45,000 grant to the dial a ride service but will maintain their marketing team which has seen no cuts in the last decade, will continue to pay £70,00 a year to Devon based marketing firm co-op branding and will spend £34,573 on fireworks as they did in December 2018. This is when people need to question how much Labour have wasted on the failed Masterplan, Prince’s Gate and the new Coliseum or plan on wasting on their new six figure eco-hub in Oldham’s benefit hotspot. The residents of Oldham away from the picturesque areas of Saddleworth know the Tories don’t give a toss about the area but it also falls at the feet of Oldham’s socialist Muppet’s to stop wasting millions on failed regeneration and token vegetable planting schemes aimed at winning awards for central Oldham which the rest of the borough is expected to subsidise. Labour Oldham wasted £27,260 in 2018 on the “Love Where You Live” scheme to clean up just three alleyways and wasted £34,573 just on fireworks in November and December 2018.