The number of adult EU migrants arriving in Oldham in 2018 was the same as in 2017 bucking the UK trend and raising lots of questions local politicians don’t want asked

Today’s NI figures release shows that adult immigration from the EU to Oldham was at the same level in 2018 as it was in 2017. This contradicts figures that show migrant numbers from the EU are falling elsewhere in the country. Logic then indicates that what drives people to Oldham which has the highest unemployment growth rate in England, is the most deprived town in England and one of the Uk’s main centres for people smuggling and modern day slavery from Eastern Europe and South Asia is not work and opportunity. People with no skills, no grasp of the English language or culture are here for the promise of endless socialist handouts, tax credits, housing benefit and health and education services they have never contributed towards. This is Labour Oldham’s co-op dream in all its glory creating and seeding their own self-perpetuating area of poverty fuelled by some idiotic internationalist ideology where our greatest import and their greatest asset is foreign poverty. In 2012 Romanian migrants made up 4% of adult migrants moving to Oldham in 2013 the percentage doubled and since 2014 they have made up almost a third of all adult migrants with them has come crime, slavery, prostitution, school and housing shortages and cohesion pushed to breaking point. Well done Labour Oldham we are sure your distraction policies aimed at avoiding any questions on the huge strains caused by unneeded mass unskilled immigration like your new six figure eco-hub in the heart of the migration heartland, your night time economy task-force and your new pledge for the local elections in May will be just as fruitful as Hotel Future, Prince’s Gate, the new Coliseum, the Queen Elizabeth Hall Conference Centre and ten years of the Oldham town centre masterplan.

NI allocations to foreign nationals in Oldham 2012 to 2018

NI allocations to EU nationals in Oldham 2012 to 2018