Oldham Council and NHS partners continue to mislead the public with their 14 week second Covid-19 vaccination messages

We have highlighted recently how Oldham local government and the local NHS have created a self declared and incorrect 14 week vaccination window in communications on their social media messaging channels. Here is an update on what to do based on my experiences trying to secure a timely second dose for a 77 year old. If you had your first Covid-19 vaccination through your Oldham GP practice, in my case an unhelpful and dismissive practice with rude staff,  and both they and the Oldham CCG fail to arrange your second jab appointment for 11th – 12th week as per the government and NHS specified second jab window. I suggest you don’t wait past 81 days for your appointment and you ignore the online info that says continue to wait for your GP to contact you and instead book online using your NHS no and book an apppointment at one of the hubs. I arranged this for the 77 year old I have mentioned on here and she had her second vaccination at the Etihad this morning. This is information that could and should have been provided by both the GP practice and the CCG but they didn’t in the case of the practice you have to presume getting the fee is more important than the patients safety. Medical professionals at the Etihad vaccine hub confirmed there is no 14 week window it is 11 to 12.

You can book online using this link click here