Oldham is openly violating government vaccination prioritisation rules allowing anyone to get vaccinated unchecked while elderly face second dose delays

Why is it people in their late seventies in Oldham due their second doses are being told by their NHS health practices they have no vaccine stocks yet pop ups like the Millennium Cultural Centre have endless supply of vaccines and every time it operates social media is full of none vulnerable families under 50 (some in their 20’s) who have just turned up had vaccinations including multiple verified instances of people of any age just turning up today and getting vaccinated without any checks? When I brought this up on social media and the queue jumpers instantly replied not with denial but with everyone is getting their second vaccine on time something they clearly could not have knowledge of. So first of all let’s just make this clear Oldham Council and the CCG is allowing violations of the vaccine age, circumstance and underlying conditions regulations it’s not up for discussion it’s a fact, it isn’t internet fake news or rumour I know people not yet entitled to a jab who have turned up and been vaccinated. Secondly, I listened in to a phone call between a 77 year Old and CH Medical on Fields New Rd in Chadderton on Thursday, they said she had not received her second dose appointment because they had no stocks of vaccine. Oldham public service providers from the council to the CCG are constantly allowed to escape any public scrutiny violating rules and regulations as they see fit with zero repercussions from the government their own political party or local journalists. Amazing how when it suits people can ignore that the JCVI priority list was organised by risk of hospitalisation and death which is why over 40’s occupied the next priority position for vaccination and at no point did they or the government approve an over 20’s free for all as is happening in Oldham.

One of many social media posts promoting Oldham’s vaccination free for all


An update from Monday 12/04/2021 Oldham CCG are now telling OAP’s that the 2nd vaccination period is between 12 and 14 weeks after first dose but can’t provide any proof when challenged of any official change, they also say people can’t phone them up to complain about not getting their 2nd dose until after 14 weeks. This is another phone conversation I listened in on today with complete disbelief they also told the 77 year old who has never owned a tech device she should have an email address. Needless to say I’ve put her in touch with a negligence expert to fashion her official complaint.

Latest Official NHS document stating vaccination second dose must be between 11 and 12 weeks