Oldham Council bailing out partners but charging market traders unable to trade full rent

Chronic-Oldham has been contacted by a number of traders from the Oldham indoor market who state they have been asked by Labour Oldham Council to pay full rent for the entire period they have been unable to open. Now Oldham Council are quick to tell you how great their Covid-19 response has been and that they can’t afford to waive rents but take the opposite stance as they prioritise bailing out partners. We all know the Oldham leisure centre is being used by the foodbank but most don’t know Oldham Council suspended loan repayments that OCL should be making to the Council saving both the company and people’s jobs. The council are also using public finances to prop up MAHDLO which is registered as a private limited company. All I can suggest to those affected is that you apply on the council webpage for a a slice of the ”discretionary business grant fund” or ask why your rents have not been waived by replying to Sean Fielding’s question post on the councils Facebook page over the weekend.