After failing to let the Egyptian room for almost four years Labour Oldham are spending more money on the already £32 million over budget old town hall development

So after spending at the very least £42 million converting the old town hall into the current underperforming £32 million over budget black hole swallowing up public finances and creating just a third of the jobs promised Sean Fielding has found Jim McMahon’s money tree. Poverty stricken Labour Oldham have decided to spend another undisclosed amount to hide their failure to let the flagship Egyptian room to a private sector business for almost four years since the development opened. Meanwhile businesses, including food and hospitality, across Oldham town centre have gone to the wall because of undelivered regeneration projects and the unrealised increased footfall promised them by the council over the last 8 years that never emerged. Also mentioned in this press release is “the creation of a digital start-up hub” Labour Oldham seem to have forgotten they already spent over £1.5 million on the hack oldham digital hub another “gamechanger” project that went 6.5 times over budget and delivered none of the tech revolution promised. It now consists of a couple of shared space desk renters and two floors are rented to the GM chamber of commerce as a meeting place.

Artist (with no idea of scale and perspective) impression