Oldham residents Council Tax social care precept charge which is the second highest in England would be 39.6% lower had the Labour Council not diverted a £701,000 adult social care grant to another department in 2018

Local election time facts: For 2019/2020 Labour Oldham have introduced the joint 2nd highest adult social care charge in the country to what is already one of the UK’s highest council tax bills. Oldhamers pay more than double every other Greater Manchester local authority social care charge other than Manchester yet in 2018 Labour Oldham took a £701,000 adult social care grant and diverted it to general social care. The councils adult social care precept for 2019/2020 in monetary terms is £1,771,089 had the council not purposely diverted the £701,000 grant away from adult social care in 2018 the adult social care precept charge to council tax payers in 2019/2020 would have been 39.6% lower.
Ever get the feeling you’re being cheated to prop up the councils failed socioeconomic model?

Official Government release document

You can download the official figures here 


You can witness the council stating they have diverted the adult social care grant by watching the video below.