Oldham’s Council leader who is also the GM portfolio holder for equalities snubs Oldham’s three day pride celebrations

Where’s Oldham Council leader Arooj Shah? Happy to be seen and speak in public about her support for career criminal Mohammed Imran Ali and Hamas in Palestine but both she & her deputy leader have shown no support for the weekends Oldham pride event being awol for the entire weekend. Clearly Arooj doesn’t want to upset the archaic religious zealots of which she is one because it would reduce her vote in St Mary’s. Diversity in Arooj’s vision of Oldham centres around religion and race every other protected characteristic is inconsequential it’s time for this openly discriminative woman with questionable associations to be removed from office. Fair play to councillor and mayor Dr Chauhan for supporting the weekends events he will clearly as a consequence have to weather the distain of his local communities moral dinosaurs. Arooj Shah is the GMCA portfolio holder for Equalities and Communities clearly for Arooj religion and ethnicity are the only equalities worth supporting.