Oldham’s Hypocrite Horticulturalist

In his latest leader’s blog, perhaps a more appropriate title would be self-serving socialist blurb, Oldham Council leader and hypocrite horticulturalist Jim McMahon tells of his green vision for Oldham where people create green areas and home grown produce in their neighbourhoods entitled “Green spaces and great places”. This is a man whose green vision has driven the Foxdenton development which plans to create a million feet of warehouse space and five hundred homes on the last sizable piece of undeveloped green land in Chadderton. This is a man whose green vision allocates an ever expanding percentage of Council spending and new debt creation to core voter wards with high levels of self-inflicted cultural and social deprivation with the clear intention of population expansion and increased provision in these core Labour voting areas. This is a man whose green vision under his tenure as Council leader has seen Oldham drop from having seven green flag award parks to just two, whilst Oldham continues spending tens of thousands on Britain in Bloom Town Centre displays.

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