The Egyptian room the most expensive part of the old town hall development to renovate will finally open over 8 years late

This week we witnessed another misleading press release from Labour Oldham ready for the local elections as Oldham Council announced “Oldham Food Hall Ltd, part of The Northern Lights Group (NLG), which runs some of the north west’s most exciting and renowned restaurants and entertainment venues, has signed a long-term lease for the Egyptian Room”. The Egyptian room has been previously renovated nearly eight years ago costing the public purse many millions since then Oldham council has spent a fortune marketing the space but have failed to secure a tenant. The latest fit out to convert it to a food hall has been financed by a huge government grant so all that has happened now is the council have announced an operator. Well done celebrating that the £35 million over budget Oldham town hall will finally see the Egyptian room open eight years after it was due to open. People will not be surprised to learn the holder of the portfolio for communications at Oldham council is Arooj Shah. Councillor Shah has also been a cabinet member at the council during most of the last eight years where the Old town hall development has massively undelivered on jobs, footfall and GDP. I would also make the point that if the agreement for the contract with Oldham food halls Ltd is something new as implied by the council article why then has the company existed since 2019 and been dormant up until 2024? It would appear this is just a rehash announcement of an agreement that’s been in place for five years. You can read the Oldham Council press release here

Oldham Council publicity photo