The National Secular society call out Hulme Grammar School for celebrating world hijab day

Well done to the National Secular Society for calling out Oldham’s Hulme Grammar School for encouraging people to wear religious headgear on national hijab day which should really be renamed national brainwashing day. I’m happy to say it was Chronic-Oldham who made them aware of Hulme’s post knowing they never hide away from calling out religious and political hypocrisy. Hulme‘s head teachers should hang their heads in shame celebrating an annual event created by a dubious organisation promoting the religious and social oppression and subjugation of female children, it is absolutely disgusting. Views of the post went from zero to 31,000 with so many negative comments Hulme turned them off. Children have no religion other than that forced upon them by parents, politicians and dictators educational institutions celebrating these discriminative practices in the name of a box ticking exercise are by any measure morally corrupt. Do these poor children in Bangladesh in the picture below look like they are having fun or the Iranian, Afghan and Saudi women beaten or murdered for refusing to wear it?

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Oppressed children in Bangladesh