The number of asylum seekers in Oldham has increased by 25% in three years to 782 adults and an undetermined number of children

Good to see in his first speech yesterday that the new Oldham Council leader Sean Fielding continued the policy started by Jim McMahon and maintained by Jean Stretton of keeping record unskilled immigration pressures in Oldham well and truly off the books and out of the local cooperative sanitised press. Figures released today show that the number of asylum seekers in Oldham has increased by 25% in three years and by 9% in just the last three months to 782 adults and an undetermined number of children. 77% of UK local authorities do not accept asylum seekers just 95 of 418 authorities do. Also released today are national insurance figures for January to March 2018 which show another 530 adult migrants arrived in Oldham with 77% settling in Oldham’s impoverished central wards and 44% being of Roma heritage. In direct contradiction to implied balanced freedom of movement across the EU by the media, politicians and large scale business the UK has actually accommodated a far higher number of EU migrants than every other Country in the EU some six times more than France has for instance.

EU official Eurostat figures

Chronic-Oldham recently revealed a 777% increase in the number of foreign born children in Oldham schools in just four years. Due to migrant pressures Oldham has received government funding to create between 81% and 670% more new school places than every other local authority in Greater Manchester other than the City of Manchester. We also recently revealed that Oldham Council is spending 60% of the money they received from the governments “Controlling Migration Fund” creating four high salaried positions including a business intelligence analyst. The controlling migration fund was set up to help local authorities deal with pressures from high volumes of migrants. The new Oldham Council leader Sean Fielding said yesterday that he wants to pursue increased housing in the town centre without of course identifying what is driving the need for more housing and schools in Oldham’s area of highest benefit dependency.

Asylum figures January to March 2018

NINo registrations January to March 2018