Who exactly is running Oldham Council and is it a coincidence that the new deputy Council leader who was not even a member of the Council a few weeks ago also works for Jim McMahon?

Who exactly is running Oldham Council & who really instigated the ousting of Jean Stretton? Here’s the new council leader Sean Fielding out and about today touring the independent quarter with his mentor MP Jim McMahon who set up the ailing initiative. Also present is Arooj Shah who works for Jim McMahon and was elected as a new Councillor just a few weeks ago at the local elections she then miraculously became deputy Oldham council leader almost immediately. New council leader Sean Fielding has also stated he wants to resurrect Jim McMahon’s plans for an hotel on the civic centre car park and the refurbishment of the Queen Elizabeth hall which already cost the Oldham public £420,000 after multiple failed planning variations over the last six years. Along with Hotel Future Jim McMahon’s other failed schemes Prince’s Gate, Foxdenton, Our House & Mono Pumps promised around 4,000 permanent new jobs they created none.

Update 04/06/2018:

Oldham Council published a press release about the new Council leader Sean Fielding’s visit to the independent quarter today but they purposely omitted any mention that MP Jim McMahon was part of the visit and they only published photos of Sean Fielding and Arooj Shah. It is blatantly obvious that Jim McMahon is having major influence over council decisions even though he made the decision to stand down from local government. Click here to read the Oldham Council press release

Now you see him now you don’t as Jim McMahon makes himself absent from these strategically posed photographs