The Oldham East candidate for the workers party in the general election Shanaz Saddique is a convicted financial fraudster who illegally obtained £360,000 while serving as a magistrate

Wasn’t going to post anything else but I couldn’t go without a reminder that Galloway‘s lowlife ally Shanaz Saddique who committed financial fraud of £360,000 is also a religious zealot who said Sunak’s extremism speech was the work of the devil at the Rochdale by-election, Shanaz is a grifter standing to exploit cultural divisions and become Oldham East & Saddleworth MP. Quote “Help me get rid of the genocidaires and warmongers who have destroyed this town” that’s her vile attempt to secure votes in Oldham I’ve been a thorn in the side of Labour Oldham for 13 years they have destroyed this town but they are not on any level warmongers and supporters of genocide. Quote from the Friday times website “Shanaz Hussain is known as Shanaz Saddique in the PTI party but her real name is Shanaz Hussain. In January 2012, Preston Crown Court found Shanaz Hussain guilty of £360,000 mortgage fraud after a trial which found that Shanaz Hussain had forged several documents and also forged signatures of a law firm. Shanaz Hussain was found guilty of seven fraud offences, was given a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for two years and she was also ordered to complete 300 hours community service.” At the time of her conviction she was a serving magistrate the Office for Judicial Complaints confirmed she had been removed from office after failing to inform the committee of her court appearance.

Image from the Manchester Evening News