Nick Buckley anti-abortionist, supporter of conversion therapy a man critical of women’s hard fought human rights is yet another moral dodo seeing political opportunity in disjointed Oldham.

I see ex-reform candidate, anti abortionist god botherer Nick Buckley who now wants to save Oldham in the general election has started following Chronic-Oldham after losing the mayoral elections. Never seen before in Oldham he now wants a free social media ride regurgitating the research and work undertaken over many years by others to expose Oldham’s sociopolitical landscape. These twats just keep coming they really don’t get it do they I’m not interested in your flag waving, church promoting politics looking to take away the long fought for human rights and freedom of choice for women and minorities. You are an archaic scourge on society, a huge part of the problem not the solution. Here’s just one quote from moronic Nick it is factually incorrect, makes unsubstantiated sweeping claims about women, puts the blame on females for males trying to hijack their single sex spaces and is just a reprehensible statement. “Equality is not enough for the special people, they must demand more and more. Feminism has been doing this for decades, yet women report being more unhappy with life as decades go by. Ironically, the feminist demand for more has led to the unintended consequence of losing single-sex spaces” Like so many polluting politics he is incapable of real critical thinking much like the Oldham Group, George Galloway and all the morons that post pictures of St George with sword in hand or believe in flying horses. There are no bigger fools than those who waste their actual lives planning for the lives they think they will have after they die. There are no more dangerous people than those who wish to force their self-serving moral superiority on others who don’t subscribe to their superstitious delusions. After 13 years this page and the Chronic-Oldham website are now mothballed there will be no more real facts, figures, news and reports, the recent elections show Oldham is well and truly finished enjoy reading poorly researched gibberish and endless pointless social media posts by the inept trying to sell themselves as the solution this shithole of a borough is no longer worth my effort!

Nick Buckley opposing women’s rights

Out of touch god botherer Nick Buckley

Buckley’s factually inaccurate ranting blog