The town hall cinema was supposed to cost £10 million and create 233 permanent jobs it cost at least £42 million and created 100 jobs Labour leader Sean Fielding calls that a success

Oldham Council leader Sean Fielding was once again ignoring the facts at tonight’s council meeting discussing the impact of town centre regeneration. He told members that the Old Town Hall development has generated over 100 jobs and taken a liability off the council’s hands. The real truth is the council stated the development would create 233 permanent jobs yet at only 100 realised this means it employs 57% fewer people than predicted that is an epic fail. The development so far has cost at least £32 million more than the £10 million cost originally announced this is public money that will never be recouped. The development has been open for two years and nine months and two of the four additional units are still unoccupied and are a liability.