12 years after Jim McMahon promised an high end business park at Foxdenton only a coffee shop and budget supermarket have signed up

Amazing that 12 years after MP Jim McMahon relentlessly pushed through the destruction of green land for the Foxdenton business park under the false premise of an high end business park creating skilled jobs we now have planning permission granted for a drive thru Costa Coffee to compliment the Aldi supermarket. These are the only businesses signed up to what always was a deliberately misleading primarily employment driven scheme. At Foxdenton the promise of thousands of jobs was used to get the green land approved for a change of use so that OMBC could sell its land at a far higher value with pre-approved permission for hundreds of new houses. Green charlatan Jim who now states ā€œIā€™m determined to put nature and the environment at the heart of UKLabour offer of a decent, fulfilled life for working people.ā€ seems uncharacteristically quiet about these planning developments.