Record numbers of adult migrants arrive in Oldham in the first six months of 2023

Of the 1,735 adult migrants that arrived in Oldham in the first 6 months of 2023 28% came from Pakistan and 18% from Nigeria. It’s amazing is it not how one of the most impoverished boroughs in the country is so attractive to foreign migrants. It’s also amazing how none of our politicians or press ever mention the constant pressure high numbers of high fertility migrants are having on Oldham services, schools, housing or infrastructure. Oldham’s poverty figures are massively skewed by the relentless pace of high fertility unskilled immigration and the need for more housing in the borough is primarily driven by this very same migration pattern. Oldham Council persistently allocate disproportionate resources, spending, and regeneration schemes to the areas of highest immigration the vast majority of the rest of the borough, the areas that contribute rather than consume resources, get absolutely nothing.