Arooj Shah replaces traditional Merry Christmas greeting with “a happy time”

Who knew? Apparently the correct Christmas greeting is “a happy time and a happy new year” Never learn do you Arooj the arrogance is palpable, all the Oldham Council leader had to say was Merry Christmas I’m not a christian and I can say it. It’s amazing how when it’s Arooj’s chosen flavour of religion we get full on gushing on the Oldham Council social media channels with both religious symbolism and a full on body of explanatory religious text. After the Labour executive shoehorned Arooj into the safe St Mary’s seat the best way to remove her from power in 2024 is to make Labour lose their two seat majority. Merry Christmas and a Happy and hopefully Arooj free new year.

Arooj Shah’s Christmas greeting
Happy Holidays, Arooj thinks we live in Oldham County USA