Deluded Oldham residents turn out to welcome charlatan faith healer Haq Khatteb Hussain

Haq Khatteb Hussain the Muslim equivalent of those evangelical American con artist faith healers visited Oldham on New Year’s Eve selling his snake oil to a packed gender segregated room of mentally unstable Oldham residents at the Eastern Pavilion. In the video you can see Oldham residents demonstrating just how backward Oldham is becoming with more and more archaic religious zealots migrating to the borough every year, I mean you really have to ask what are these cultists doing? It’s also worth noting that faux local newspaper the Oldham times is promoting this charlatan faith healers fraudulent claims as if they are factual. We really don’t need these manipulative liars let loose in Oldham, prison is where they belong after having their assets seized for fraud. The Oldham times writes “In a recent video on his official social media channels a woman in a wheelchair is blessed and she is able to walk”