Arooj Shah continues to demonstrate some equalities in her equalities portfolio are more equal than others.

Arooj Shah the same Greater Manchester portfolio holder for equalities and communities who avoided supporting every single pride celebration in every one of GM’s ten local authorities this year. I think Arooj clearly suffers from selective equalities disorder and should seek some help to clarify that she isn’t the portfolio holder for Islam and religious conservatism. If Arooj wants to play national and international politics, something the Labour group are clearly grooming her for, then she should resign as Oldham council leader instead of blatantly courting cultural votes in preparation for next years local elections and stand as an MP for her party now. Nobody with a heart can condone the slaughter being perpetrated by Israel on innocent civilians in Gaza but let’s not forget Arooj was completely silent on the HAMAS attacks until Israel retaliated. Time and time again Arooj Shah has blatantly demonstrated her disregard for the vast majority of the Oldham public, the vast majority of cultures and the vast majority of ward areas.