Sixty percent more people receive carers allowance in Glodwick than in any other Oldham area

Central Oldham wards are full of anomalous benefit statistics which are not easily explained by the social conditions of the areas. The latest shows 60% more people receiving carers allowance payments in the 022 area of Glodwick Oldham than receive payments in the area with the second highest number. Claimant no’s in 022 have increased by 39.4% in 4 years yet St Mary’s and Glodwick has the lowest percentage of people over 65 in all Oldham. We don’t remember Debbie Abrahams pointing out these figures while on her benefit’s protection crusade. Like all Oldham Labour politicians she is quick to identify hardship but purposely oblivious to the ludicrous levels of working-age benefit payments paid out in central Oldham wards.

Carers allowance figures from the Department for work and pensions

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