The Oldham Group a wolf in sheep’s clothing

A picture tells a story with 24 male canvassers and just 1 female in the attached Oldham Group photo below we know what that story is, do we really need anymore misogynists hijacking politics and perverting equality laws hiding behind a banner of religious freedom of expression? Local politics is about local issues not conflict and barbarism in the Middle East. The Oldham Group exists because of Gaza no other reason its manifesto has Gaza firmly at the top. The Oldham group is firmly grounded as Muslim and will have a majority voting system rather than a whip system. The problem with this is if everyone standing in the Oldham group is Muslim there will be no diverse views only a voting system based on religious compliance rather than political compliance so in reality it is no different than the whip system and serves ideology rather than a diverse population. The group wants parents to have a say on the school curriculum which is all about withholding access to sex education and preventing children from being educated about the reality of same sex relationships rather than the archaic indoctrinations of seventh century religious nonsense. There’s a reason we have a national school curriculum which must be taught by law it is to prevent entities like The Oldham Group from hijacking education replacing science with creationism and equality with religious myth. Parents already have the right to withdraw young children from sex education if they chose to do so. The rest of the manifesto is full of the usual promises on housing, litter, spending and jobs but with zero substance to back up how these outcomes will be achieved and in the case of jobs a basic lack of knowledge about employment and equality law you cannot create jobs just for young people. The backing of an Oldham independent CSE inquiry is also front and centre in the manifesto this is without doubt only in place to pull in the outraged white voter base those obsessed with this single issue which has been muddied by blatant cover ups from the police and local authorities but also lies and exaggerations by a multitude of social media actors. We all want to be rid of Labour Oldham and in the long term the turkeys that are the main opposition parties but these self-serving manipulators with a clear agenda are not the way to go about it, vote for this group led by Oldham property tycoon Kamran Ghafoor at your peril.

Taken from the Oldham Group social media presence.
The Oldham group manifesto
Kamran Ghafoor company
Kamran Ghafoor
Another Kamran Ghafoor town centre business